Sunday, February 18, 2007

Home Stretch

Well, Sunday is here. Saturday was a great success.

Thomas led students through a terrific call to or back to Christ in the General Session. Be praying that those students take those commitments seriously, and that more consider his invitation to life on purpose.

Feedback from the 6 breakout decisions. Early written feedback indicates that at least 9 students made new or significan re-commitments to Christ.

The tailgate-themed Fall In February was a ton of fun. Southern bbq, tea, college football highlights, scholl chants and even a step show.

Continue to pray for the conversations that take place in the margins and on the ride home today.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Day One....

Day one is officially over. More than 250 Greek students arrived safely and have essentially taken over the Blake Hotel. Our volunteer support has been amazing and because of this we are able to take our Prayer ministry to a new level for students this year. Logistically everything has been running smoothly. We had a 15 minute delay because of traffic into Charlotte, but nothing else even mentioning in terms of it not working well.

The staff team is doing well, although I saw plenty of glazed and tired looks this evening as they headed to their campus time at 11:30 pm.

The Breakouts (Real Deal, Double Take, Greek Ministry, Leadership, World Changers & Beyond College) seem to be going very well and early feedback has been that students are excited about the materials presented. The first General Session was a hit, each of the speakers (myself, emcee Will Dameron, Blair Buckley - an Elon student, and Thomas Daniel - the keynote) presented clearly and effectively. The band thus far has been a blessing to work with.

In all it was a successful first day. We met our budgeted goal in terms of attendance, so praise God for that.

Pray for staff as they wake at 8am to lead students through a loong day on Saturday. Pray for their patience, wisdom and guidance in breakouts and in those critical moments in between sessions where real conversations and heart change take place.

Pray that students would awake for their 9am Breakouts and engage that time well. Pray for General Session and the other speakers for the morning - that they would engage the Bible and God's truths well and communicate effectively to students.

I will send a mid-day update on Saturday.

In the books...

The staff have arrived, the registration has already been set-up, I have already lost my beloved bluetooth headset, purchashed solely for this very day. Yes. Greek Conference '07 has begun!

It was great to get with staff tonight and see them in action. To see them interact with one another and to see them choose things like rest or community with other staff - options they don't necessarily get over the course of the year.

Pray for staff, and me at this hour, over the next few hours!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Prayer & Encouragement...

It's a critical 30 hours folks. In this time Satan will be at work against the 300+ folks who have already committed to this weekend and in the hearts and minds of the people who are still on the fence. So as the local staff team heads to Charlotte this morning to prep for the weekend, we need your prayers to carry those students that we largely cannot encourage and be there for in those next hours. Below is a note I sent to the Carolina students who are attending Greek Conference, if you need a prayer reference point.

It's an honor to see this weekend on the cusp.....

As I get ready to head to Charlotte to prepare the hotel for Greek Conference and to lead, as Conference Director, the 90 or so staff and volunteers who will serve you and 200 or so other Greeks this weekend – I just wanted to let you know how excited I am that you all have committed the time and considerable financial investment to Greek Conference. For nine years and 13 Conferences now, this weekend is one where I have seen God work in my life in new, mysterious and exciting ways. I know I didn’t know what it meant to truly follow Christ at Greek Conference ’98, and really didn’t have it figured out in ’97 – but God was bigger than me, my pride, my lifestyle and my questions – and he’s bigger than you as well!

Just know that I have a team of over 150 people praying for you this weekend, so as Satan inevitably tries to through more attractive, or seemingly noble causes at you – know that God has called you to this weekend at this place and at this time on purpose – and he wants to reveal that you throughout the weekend.

I am so moved that God would stir enough spiritual questions and desires in over 45 Carolina Greeks that you would lay down your schedules your studies your social commitments and your right to relax this weekend, to experience growth, community and hopefully Gods presence with your peers.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Weather....

We live in the South. The Conference is in the South. The weekend forecast calls for low to mid 40s and rain this week.

So why am I worried about the weather?

Well a cursory glance at the map this morning shows nothing but white emminating out of the Midwest. Hours and hours of delays at Chicago O'Hare airport, while commonplace are basically cancelled today, and Detroit is running slowly as well.

Why does this concern me? Our keynote speaker this year, Thomas Daniel, lives and works in Chicago. He's flying in on Friday. Our National Director, Registrar and Admin are all based out of Madison and will have to fly through or over the whiteout of the Midwest. So does a bunch of the 'stuff' we need to pull off the Conference.

So please, please, please - pray for the weather in the Midwest. I don't think I've ever prayed for snow to go away - but let's do so today!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Everyone Knows...

I'm in over my head, over my head......

Popular lyrics from 'The Fray,' that many Charlotte 07 Greek Conference students listen to, and I'd venture to guess that many of the staff are feeling right now.

As we approach t-minus 72 hours till Conference kicks off, please be praying for staff in their last minute preparations. Pray also for students who are on the fence about coming to Conference - that God will guide them to Charlotte. Pray also against those last minute changes in plans that the Evil One will use to lure students away from what God wants to do in their lives this weekend.

I'll be updating blogged thoughts as I have them regularly throughout the week and weekend, so check back and follow us On Purpose!